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April 11, 2017

Cartridge Club Debate #1 - Physical v. Digital

Two members of the CartridgeClub debate the pros and cons of Physical Games and Digital Games.


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Main Topic:
Physical Games (Eric) v. Digital Games (Seigi)

Sub Topics:
1. Cost 00:03:24
Q: As a gamer on a budget where will I find the better value for my dollar and why?

2. Storage 00:21:06
Q: How do you rate the time, effort and space associated with maintaining a collection within your media of choice?

3. Flexibility 00:40:38
Q: Do you find unlimited stock through digital distribution is better or worse than the tangibility and lending your games?

4. Accessibility 00:51:59
Q: Which presents less risk to gamers with large collections of games; deterioration of circuit boards, memory chips and save batteries or the shutting down of servers and failing of drives that house their games?

5. Industry 01:05:17
Q: What challenges or benefit does your media type offer to developers? What about publishers?

6. Distribution 01:21:23
Q: If the industry shifted heavily in favour of your type of media as the sole method of distribution, what effect would this have on retail outlets, both online and physical?


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