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May 17, 2017

Cartridge Club Debate #2 - Console v. PC Gaming

Two members of the CartridgeClub debate the pros and cons of console and PC gaming.


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Main Topic:
Consoles (Duke) v. PC Gaming (Pam)

Sub Topics:
1. Cost 00:01:44
Q: Factoring in start up cost and long term expenses, why is your gaming platform a better deal?

2. Performance 00:08:36
Q: Does consistent performance compete with the option to toggle settings?

3. Exclusives 00:15:06
Q: Why does your chosen option win when it comes to exclusive games?

4. Controls and Ergonomics 00:21:08
Q: Which style of gaming offers the best user experience in terms of controls and ergonomics?

5. Customization/Ease of Use 00:27:10
Q: Would you rather the system work one way out of the box and until it dies, or have the option to change it how you please?

6. Longevity 00:33:37
Q: Which lasts longer in terms of generations and compatibility? Which lasts longer in terms of hardware reliability?


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