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March 26, 2017

Cartridge Club Weekly #37 - March 26th 2017

We talk Pokemon rumours, Outlast 2 censorship and Nintendo comes clean with the joy-con. Our rant talks about what franchises we think are the must play for this generation and last by console. Links to all news stories are below for those who are interested.

News 00:00:00
Mana Series Collection Coming to Switch in Japan

Mass Effect Andromeda gets slammed for poor animation from critics

New Overwatch Character Orisa Revealed

Bloodstained Coming to Nintendo Switch, Cancelled on Wii U

Pokemon Developer Hiring for a Console Game

Nintendo Confirms Source of Joy-Con Sync Issues

Outlast 2 Edited, Will Come Out in Australia After All

Club Update 00:18:16
SEGA Master List - final list is being compiled
CC Debates aired on Saturday on YouTube

Polykill - Off Kilter Bar Brawls and Bro Hugs
Media Mavens - I got Chills
Gametime Arcade Ep 7 - Marvelous Ideas
Bonus Barrel - Castlevania

In the QDawg House - Eric Shames people who haven’t sent in a SEGA Master List
STC pickups
Polykill - CC Mystery Box
Musty - Will he return Mass Effect

Game Binge - ATSG

Spotlight 00:31:55
Polykill co-host
Forum rank Big Daddy

Rant 00:34:41
What are the must play franchises from this and last generation?

CCAnswers 00:41:03
#CCAnswers @CartridgeBrosP2 @CartridgeBros When are we going to get Cob in on a debate?! - Rob
With a 10 hour trial of Mass Effect Andromeda available on EA Access, are we moving into a pay-for-trial video game future?
#CCAnswers - Liam
#CCAnswers would you like to see the kingsglaive as a final fantasy game? similar to what ff7 did with crisis core for making a side Story? - Jarred
@CartridgeBros @CartridgeBrosP2 #CCAnswers ever considered having a Digital Dudes episode with Cobb (maybe he can bring Digital Dan) and 1P? - Diego
@CartridgeBros @CartridgeBrosP2 #CCAnswers If any what game killed your love for a franchise that you once enjoyed? - James
@CartridgeBros @CartridgeBrosP2 have you ever rage quit a game due to difficulty ? #ccanswers - Pam

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