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August 20, 2017

Cartridge Club Weekly #58 - August 20th 2017

We discuss Platinum Games being saved by 9s and 2B, Musty Hobbit getting dust in everyones eye and the main topic of the Barrie Game Exchange.

News: 1:30 ... ys-kamiya/
Crackdown 3 Delayed to 2018 ... ed-to-2018
Blizzard Admits it Shouldn't Have Rebranded ... -battlenet
Cartridge Club Update: 16:00
Announcements 16:11
CCPrime - Journey
CCPortable - GTA Chinatown Wars
BMS - Splatoon 2
Podcasts 19:35 ... in-common/ ... e-shooters ... -moved-you
Blogs 31:27 ... ug-13-2017 ... ter-system
Videos 33:50 ... ture-caleb ... n-defender ... aug-6-2017 ... o-remember

CC Mission: 38:35
Be decent to each other and open your heart to love.
Topic: 40:26
Barrie Game Exchange and the Cartridge Club meetup.
CCAnswers: 53:16
#CCAnswers was the BGE and CC meet ups one of the highlights of your life to see how far the club has come? @retrofaithgames
#CCAnswers If the club was stuck in a post-apocalyptic scenario, would we be able to survive? What roles would different members have? @flockofnerds
#CCanswers if there was a Cartridge Club tv show what would it be about? Who would be the star? @franticsociety
Will we see you at #CartridgeCon in Chicago next year P2? #CCAnswers @mrsqdawg
#CCAnswers what Nintendo character is most likely to be Sonic's long lost lover? @alatinolawyer
Did you guys see that mysterious trailer on Girlfriend Vs's channel??? #CCANSWERS @curtissfrisele
#ccanswers What did P2 think of Last Tango in Paris? @steveneidher
Do you have a cure for #CCWithdrawal? If so, please share. I'm currently afflicted. #CCAnswers @k_song

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