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July 9, 2017

Cartridge Club Weekly #52 - July 9th

Splatoon 2 sells out on Amazon and SNES Classic resellers get slapped on the wrist. We talk our gaming strengths and weaknesses and share some from the community as well.

News: 1:05

Club Update: 15:16

Announcements 15:38

  • CCPortable - Tetris DS (Dean and Fitgnat crushing it)
  • CCPrime - Portal (Bros Stream)

Podcasts 17:41



Videos 35:59


  • Musty -


Blogs 39:16


  • Round2Review -


CC Mission: 42:23

  • Give a #CCUnite tweet (our version of the #FF) for someone on Twitter. Anyone at all who you think has tweets that should be in our feeds. Don’t forget to add #CCMission to get entered for the draw!

Topic: 45:07

Gaming Strengths and Weaknesses

CCAnswers: 1:0237

  • @alatinolawyer - pick game franchises that Nintendo and either Sony or MS have to trade and take over (1 each way)
  • @jj19862004 - #TeamCake or #TeamIceCream
  • @MustyHobbit - How do you tackle new (to you) libraries?
  • @k_song - Do you binge listen to a band before seeing them live? After? Currently listening to #BobDylan in anticipation.
  • @FranticSociety - Do you think Nintendo will release a N64 classic next year & Gamecube Classic the year after? What games would you want on them?
  • @RetroPixil - What if any title have you tried with very low expectations of enjoying & ended up loving the entire play through?
  • @MightyQDawg - Given that someone in the CC committed a crime and served jail time, who was it and what was his or her crime?
  • @technodork437 - Is it weird that when I watched P1 blow into his 3DS to dry his waifu that I not only maintained eye contact but kind of liked it


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