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August 23, 2017

Cartridge Club Extra #8 - Splatoon 2

Hello and thanks for tuning in to this bonus episode of the Cartridge Club. If you are new to the Club I’ll quickly explain what we are. The Cartridge Club is a community of content creators and gamers of all generations. We interact on Twitter, Play games together online and chat it up on the forums at


This bonus show is going to be all about Splatoon 2 and will contain spoilers. You have been warned. Now let's meet the panel...


First up we have the winner of the one console challenge and the mother of beat my score, Mrs. Q Dawg


As well we have joining us one of the fastest inkers in the west the incomparable Vani


Finally filling the role of co-host and moderator for this extra episode of the Cartridge Club is my brother Mark, also known as Player 2


Level 1: 3:30

Mark gives a quick overview of Splatoon 2 and panel discusses their first impressions.


  • Developer: Nintendo EPD


    • Publisher: Nintendo


  • Director: Yusuke Amano, Seita Inoue, Shintaro Sato
  • Producer: Hisashi Nogami
  • Composer: Toru Minegish
  • Designer:  
  • Series: Splatoon
  • Platform(s): Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date:
  • Genre: Third Person Shooter(?)



Level 2: 13:20

Discuss story of the game:


  • Splatoon 2 takes place approximately two years after the final Splatfest event of the first game, in which the pop idol Marie proved victorious over her cousin and fellow Squid Sister, Callie. While the two girls seem to carry on as normal afterwards, the usually inseparable cousins begin to spend more and more time apart due to their growing solo careers, with Marie beginning to worry about whether Callie was negatively affected by the Splatfest result. After going out of Inkopolis to see her parents, Marie returns home to discover both Callie and the Great Zapfish have gone missing. Fearing that the evil Octarians are once again involved, Marie once again takes on her role as Agent 2 of the Squidbeak Splatoon and recruits an Inkling from Inkopolis Square, the player character, to become Agent 4 and investigate.
  • Characters
  • Pearl
  • Marina
  • Mr. Grizz
  • Marie
  • Judd
  • Li’l Judd



Discuss gameplay mechanics: 29:22


  • Ink the ground for points
  • Motion Controls
  • Splats
  • Weapons/Sub weapons/Specials
  • Map design
  • Ability modifiers on clothing
  • Game Modes
  • Turf War
  • Ranked
  • Splat Zones
  • Tower Control
  • Rain Maker
  • League
  • Salmon Run
  • Octo Canyon
  • Splatfest
  • Voice Chat



Discuss sound: 1:14:42


  • Favourite background music
  • Discuss sound effects
  • Memorable or forgettable



Discuss graphics: 1:21:05


  • Bright, colourful stages
  • 60fps locked in
  • Fashion and inkling design



Level 3: 1:35:05

Lasting Impressions, overall rating and final thoughts. Did this make you want to play it again and if not, what would need to be changed? Would you suggest it to friends?


Level 4: 1:39:50

3 Word Review #CC3WR from Twitter first followed by panel


Level 5: 1:44:23

Outro (thank panel and audience)


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