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August 9, 2017

Cartridge Club Extra #7 - Wolfenstein The New Order

Hello and thanks for tuning in to this bonus episode of the Cartridge Club. If you are new to the Club I’ll quickly explain what we are. The Cartridge Club is a community of content creators and gamers of all generations. We interact on Twitter, Play games together online and chat it up on the forums at


This bonus show is going to be all about Wolfenstein The New Order and will contain spoilers. You have been warned. Now let's meet the panel...


First up from the YouTube channel formerly known as Burning Books, a man whose future self is likely the oldest living member of the Cartridge Club Mr. Caleb J Ross


As well we have the man whose Weekly collector blogs have single handedly stalled all the funding for my home renovations, a founding member of the Cartridge Club Mr. Dean Lasagna


Last and certainly not least we have one of the co-hosts of Media Mavens, from Cannot Be Tamed on YouTube, the Uber Nazi killer, Pam.


Finally filling the role of co-host and moderator for this extra episode of the Cartridge Club we have death incarnate himself, Mr. Musty Hobbit


Level 1: 05:10

Musty gives a quick overview of Wolfenstein and panel discusses their first impressions.


  • Developer: Machine Games


    • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks


  • Director: Jens Matthies
  • Producer: Jerk Gustafsson, Lars Johansson
  • Composer: Mick Gordon, Fredrik Thordenal
  • Designer: Fredrik Ljungdahl, Jerk Gustafsson
  • Series: Wolfenstein
  • Platform(s): XboxOne, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC
  • Release Date: 20 May 2014
  • Genre: First Person Shooter



Level 2: 18:48

Discuss story of the game:


  • In an alternate 1960 the Nazis were victorious in WWII. We play as William BJ Blazkowicz an American soldier who has spent the last 16 years in a comatose state. Upon waking up BJ hooks up with a doctor friend and they seek out the resistance to help fight back against their Nazi overlords.





  • William B.J. Blazkowicz
  • Ferguson Reid
  • Probst Wyatt IIi
  • Anya Oliwa
  • Caroline Becker
  • Max Hass
  • Klaus Kreutz
  • Set Roth
  • Tekla
  • J




  • Frau Engel
  • Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse
  • Bubi



Discuss gameplay mechanics: 58:45


  • Tactical cover based shooter
  • Stealth
  • Skill tree upgrades
  • Health pack overloading
  • Pacing
  • Nightmare
  • Collectibles



Discuss sound: 1:24:33


  • Favourite background music
  • Discuss sound effects
  • Memorable or forgettable



Discuss graphics: 1:40:30


  • Nazi uniforms designs
  • Weapon designs
  • Favorite settings
  • Favourite character/stage



Level 3: 1:56:02

Lasting Impressions, overall rating and final thoughts. Did this make you want to play it again and if not, what would need to be changed? Would you suggest it to friends?


Level 4: 2:07:07

3 Word Review #CC3WR from Twitter first followed by panel


Level 5:

Outro (thank panel and audience)


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