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April 30, 2016

Cartridge Club #32 - God Hand

What a month for the Cartridge Club! For April we played God Hand, a controversial third person beat ‘em up sort of game. A ton of people chose to pass on God Hand this month, I can’t honestly blame them because if not for the club I too would have never played it; however, if you’re interested in hearing what the people who did play it have to say then you’ve come to the right spot!
This month P2 is joined by the “Sexy Conan O’Brien” of the Cartridge Club, Vintage Video Game Geek! As well the U.K. sentai legend himself, TokuJoe! And lastly, the one who not only mastered Normal mode of God Hand but bent the game over his lap and gave it a good spanking, MinotaurZombie!
Did everyone make it through the game? Does the game make fun of lots of stereotypes? Can you spank the male enemies as well as the female ones? Is the game as bad as some people have said? Find out here!

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