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The Cartridge Club is an amazing community of gamers, collectors, and video game enthusiasts of all ages. You’ll find our flagship podcast, where hosts and fellow community members come together each and every month to play a game. From those nostalgic favorites of your childhood to the hottest modern titles that everyone’s talking about – this show, along with members of the community, covers it all!

December 6, 2017

Cartridge Club #51 - Mass Effect 2

One month after the events of Mass Effect, the SSV Normandy is patrolling for geth resistance when it is suddenly attacked by an unknown vessel, forcing the crew to abandon ship. After pushing Joker into the final escape pod, Shepard is blasted into space and dies via asphyxiation after a suit breach. His/her body is pulled into the orbit of a nearby planet and recovered by Cerberus, who begin the "Lazarus Project" with the sole purpose of bringing Shepard back to life. After two years, Shepard is revived on an operating table and escapes a research station under attack by its own security mechs alongside Cerberus operatives Jacob Taylor and Miranda Lawson.

Introductions 00:00


Musty Hobbit

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Cartridge Club Intro/Outro Music

Ser Flash

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Will Pruitt

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Level 1  06:00

P2(Mark) gives a quick overview of Mass Effect 2 and panel discusses their memories of the game and first impressions.


  • Developer: Bioware
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Director: Casey Hudson
  • Platform(s):
    • Xbox 360
    • PS3
    • Windows
  • Release Date:
    • Windows, Xbox 360

      • NA: January 26, 2010
      • AU: January 28, 2010
      • EU: January 29, 2010
    • PlayStation 3
      • NA: January 18, 2011
      • EU: January 21, 2011
      • AU: January 27, 2011
  •  Genre: Action Role Playing, Third Person Shooter

Level 2

Discuss story of the game: 18:57


  • Squad Members
    • Kasumi Goto 30:22
    • Grunt 36:30
    • Mordin Solus 44:37
    • Thane Krios 52:35
    • Jack 58:38
    • Miranda Lawson and Jacob Taylor 1:03:12
    • Legion and Tali zorah vas Normandy 1:11:08
    • Samara or Morinth 1:24:28
    • Garrus Vakarian 1:28:35
    • Zaeed Massani 1:36:18
  • Suicide Mission 1:38:56

Discuss gameplay mechanics: 2:03:29

Discuss sound: 2:19:30

Discuss graphics: 2:26:36

Level 3 2:29:21

Lasting Impressions, overall rating and final thoughts. Did this make you want to play it again and if not, what would need to be changed? Would you suggest it to friends?

Level 4 2:36:57

3 Word Review #CC3WR from Twitter first followed by panel

Level 5

Outro (thank panel and plug)

Announce the game for next month (We Love Katamari)

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