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The Cartridge Club is an amazing community of gamers, collectors, and video game enthusiasts of all ages. You’ll find our flagship podcast, where hosts and fellow community members come together each and every month to play a game. From those nostalgic favorites of your childhood to the hottest modern titles that everyone’s talking about – this show, along with members of the community, covers it all!


Don't let the gloomy winter weather get you down!  The Cartridge Club is back for January with Shantae: Half-Genie Hero as our game of the month.  

Join hosts Ryan (@ItsRocketSauce) and Musty (@MustyHobbit) as we invite on Josh (@Creep1337) and series mega-fan Church (@The_GameGrinder) to discuss everything we can possibly think of about our favorite hip-shaking city guardian.

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James aka @RetroPixil and Curtiss play the most expensive CCPortable game to date! Is Shantae worth the price of admission? Why was it such a failure upon its initial release? And does it deserve a place in YOUR collection?


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