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The Cartridge Club is an amazing community of gamers, collectors, and video game enthusiasts of all ages. You’ll find our flagship podcast, where hosts and fellow community members come together each and every month to play a game. From those nostalgic favorites of your childhood to the hottest modern titles that everyone’s talking about – this show, along with members of the community, covers it all!


A light news week and a short span since the last show leaves the Bros with a smaller than average show. But that doesn’t stop them from having a little fun and then diving into some of the great games from this generation.

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Update: 10:51
CCAnswers: 38:28

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After a week away due to illness we are back with an extended live show!

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Level 1  08:55

P2(Mark) gives a quick overview of Super Castlevania IV and panel discusses their memories of the game and first impressions.


  • Developer: Konami


    • Publisher: Konami


  • Director: Masahiro Ueno
  • Composer: Masanori Adachi, Taro Kudo
  • Series: Castlevania
  • Platform(s):
  • SNES
  • Release Date:
  • JP: October 31, 1991 | NA: December 4, 1991 | EU November 23, 1992
  • Genre: Action, Platformer

Level 2 20:38

Discuss story of the game:


In the small country of Transylvania there is a legend which says that every 100 years the forces of Good mysteriously become weak and the forces of Evil gain a foothold into our world. The evil manifests itself in the form of one of the most feared characters to roam the earth - the vampire Dracula!

Every 100 years Dracula is revived and grows stronger and stronger. His goal is to turn all humanity into creatures of darkness, to be ruled under his iron fist. He has appeared in this world many times, and there are many people who fear that in his next appearance, he may be unstoppable.

There is one group that has always been around to see that Dracula is defeated, the Belmont family. For generations the Belmonts have passed along the secrets and skills of vampire-hunting to the eldest child of the family. While many of the Belmonts have lived peaceful lives without encountering Dracula, they remain prepared. There are occasional skirmishes with lesser monsters, but the Belmont clan has always emerged victorious.

Now, 100 years have passed since the last battle between Dracula and the Belmonts. Transylvanians are reporting mysterious sightings of odd creatures appearing under the cover of darkness. As Spring approaches, the citizens prepare for a traditional celebration.

Unbeknownst to them, an evil group of people is holding a ceremony in the old destroyed abbey outside of town, attempting to revive the Prince of Darkness. As they carry out their ritual a dark cloud descends over the countryside. The sinister group stirs itself into a frenzy of mysterious chanting and pagan dancing, then lightning strikes the abbey. The ground bucks under their feet, and the abbey walls shudder. Once again, Dracula is revived!

It is time once again for Simon Belmont to call forth the powers of good to aid him in his battle. Armed with his mystical whip, his courage and the centuries-old knowledge of Belmont family training, he sets forth on his mission...


  • Characters 26:43
  • Simon Belmont
  • Dracula



Discuss gameplay mechanics: 36:42

  • Favourite sub weapons
  • Memorable moments
  • Difficulty
  • Learning curve
  • Password system
  • Remake of Castlevania?


Discuss sound: 1:29:45

  • Favourite tracks
  • Discuss sound effects


Discuss graphics: 1:40:15

  • Favorite stages
  • Character design
  • Enemy design


Level 3 1:54:27

Lasting Impressions, overall rating and final thoughts. Did this make you want to play it again and if not, what would need to be changed? Would you suggest it to friends?


Level 4 2:02:11

3 Word Review #CC3WR from Twitter first followed by panel


Level 5 2:09:30

Outro (thank panel and plug)

Announce the game for next month (Mass Effect 2)


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